To provide effective products and strategies to serve American people, their families and their businesses.


To provide immediate impact for people and their families  to effectively transfer wealth.


To be a premiere product and service provider to help change the financial landscape for generations.


Impact 500,00 families by training 500 agents to help 100+ families each, per year to accomplish goal quickly.


Rodney Archer

CEO, Family Wealth Group

Rodney D. Archer is a Financial Systems Architect,...

Wealth Strategist, Financial Educator and Author of the life-changing book, "Take Back Your Wealth, Moving From Lack To Abundance". He has designed several programs since 2010 that has been and will be used for organic lead generation for the Family Wealth Group such as Wealth Unlimited Events, the REAP Curriculum, the SHOW Speakers and the WOW Online program.

James Sutton Jr.

COO, Family Wealth Group

James Sutton Jr. is retired from the  US Air Force and...

a former marine. He is the founder and CEO of J2 Financial Services which helps families prepare for the inevitable by having proper insurance and retirement protection. James is also an Independent Contractor with OnDoc Healthcare Services. James has published five books and earned a Master of Science in Management from Liberty University and a Master of Science in Information Systems from Strayer University.

Ryan Davis

CFO, Family Wealth Group

Ryan C. Davis is a Navy Veteran who specialized in...

cryptology. He is the President and CEO of Reveal Consulting which is a worldwide solution provider with a mission to drive savings to clients and improve flexibility and resiliency in enterprise solutions. RGC currently serves $4B in client contracts. Clients consist of ... Defense Information Systems Agency, the Census Bureau, Defense Logistics Agency, the United States Air Force, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Guard Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service.

Demond Raybon

CTO, Family Wealth Group

Demond Raybon is the CEO of StealthEnomics which..

helps businesses Launch, Build, & Grow by leveraging technology, business resources, coaching and business process optimization. This helps business owners reduce manual tasks and labor to increase productivity and profitability. He is a technologist with over 20 years of experience with technology infrastructure, technology integration, technology deployment, and platform adoption. He is also one of the founding board members of the Millionaire In You Foundation.


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